2 Hour Wash and Go

Is it that day again? I love my hair but I hate how long it takes to wash it. Ladies how long does it take you to wash your hair? Well it normally takes me 5 hours from start to finish and if I twist it add another hour 😩.  Being a 4c natural has… Continue reading →

Mini Twist on Natural Hair

As a natural coming up with a go-to style or two for the summer and fall can sometimes be challenging. Living in Mississippi the humidity can kill a Hairstyle quick. As the summer approached I needed to see what the trends were. Some of the options were braids, wigs, weaves and crochet braids with many… Continue reading →

Natural Hair Product Review

As a natural I love products; some would say I’m a product junkie. I have a whole cabinet and part of a closet full of hair products. Every time a new product comes out and it has good reviews I want to try them. I currently keep track of my wash day product use with… Continue reading →

Wash and Go On 4c Hair

Over the years since I have been natural,​ I have worn many styles and most of them came out ok after trial and error. My favorite and most worn style has to be the Two Strand Twist Out. I have worn that style since my hair was long enough to twist; about 4 months post​-Big​… Continue reading →

Wash Day Routine for Natural Hair

After four-plus years of being natural, I have finally figured out the best wash day routines for my hair. These wash day routines differ depending on the style I want to wear. My go-to styles are the twist out, the puff, the flat twist and just recently the wash and go. The reason I have… Continue reading →

Protective Styles For Natural Hair

Growing natural hair is one of the most exhilarating things you could ever do. Actually Most times, it’s a bittersweet moment that involves a beautiful awakening of your true beauty along with some pain while maintaining it. This pain is totally worth it once you start to see the growth of your natural curl pattern.… Continue reading →


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