My Hair Journey

I have been natural for 3 + years and I love all hair but I especially love natural. Believeit or not I have not always been this way.  I thought that I would never go natural because I loved straight hair.

From Curl to Relaxed

I had chemically treated hair beginning at age 12. My dad actually thought that a curl would be better for my hair than a relaxer ( A Lie… Really Daddy) . I liked the curl at first because that meant no more straightening comb (Ouch,Ma!). I got an actual relaxer at thirteen. After the relaxer I was soooo happy! Throughout the years I was complimented on my hair. It was thick and bouncy and it would grow pretty long.

Big Chop

Fast forward to 2013 I noticed that not as  thick so I decided to cut it. I had started a new job and several of my fellow black women co-workers were natural but I thought my hair will never look like theirs it was too coarse and tight. I remember talking to one of them one night at work and she told me that my hair was NOT too kinky to be natural. Of course I did not believe her. But then I thought about one of my previous stylist that showed me that I could go longer than five weeks without a relaxer. He (Tony) would wash and blow dry and straighten my hair with his flatiron and it would be like silk at 8 weeks post relaxer. He asked me several times if I wanted to start getting blowouts. I refused every time. In May 2014 I decided to get some senegalese twists; I Liked them! I was shocked because I was not a fake hair girl. I prided myself in wearing my own hair 95% OF the time. img_5067

I got my last relaxer on March 27, 2014 and I did the Big Chop myself in August 2014. I went to my boys barber and let him shape it up a week later. I wore my TWA until it grew out. When I first cut my hair my husband hurt my feelings by saying I looked like a boy and my sister said that it felt like a brillo pad ( Gee Thx Sis, love you too). A few days after I shaped up my hair put on my makeup and some red lipstick and my husband changed his toon (for a while anyway). I have only cut my natural hair once while it was still short in these 3 +years. I, as well as you have tried countless of products and I now know what I like. I also know how I like to wear my hair and what is important to me. Style retention and hair health is the most important. If I can not get a style to last at least 2 weeks, I have got to fix it.  When I straighten my hair (even when I do it myself) it lasts 3 weeks. Throughout this blog I will tell you

img_2346exactly what products I use, what styles I wear styles I like and how I get 21 Days of a Natural Hairstyle!

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