Hairstyle Retention

Two Strand Twist

Do you have problems with your natural hairstyles lasting more than 5 days? If you do I have some tips that will help you.

Hair Type

My hair is unique and so is yours and we have to take a little time in the beginning to figure out what works best. I am going to save you all the time and trouble I endured so by giving all the tips and tricks I learned. I am a wife, mom and I work a full-time job and I’m a new entrepreneur. I don’t have time to do my hair everyday and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one! So in this post I will give you my tips for natural hairstyle retention and making it last from about 14 up to 28 days.

Wash and Go

There are so many naturals out there that focus wash and go’s, but is a wash and go really a wash and go. For someone Like you and me with 4c hair it’s more like a wash and work, LOL! The few wash and go’s I have done successfully took at least 2 hours; And then it only lasted one day. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Good Hair vs Bad Hair

Then there are the ones that focus on good vs. bad: She has good hair or she has nappy hair. What is good hair anyway? We were all given specific genes to makeup our physical appearance that includes our hair. In my opinion anything made by God is Good!

My Hair

If I would have to describe my hair I would say it is 4b/c kinky Afro textured. I love my hair! I can wear it straight, twisted, wavy, curly and even an Afro. When I wear my hair straight, during the last few days I usually go from straight to afro before I rewash. I currently blowdry my hair and then flatiron it using the chasing method. I use the blow dryer and the Bayliss Titanium Flatiron. I love the fact that I can let steam from my Q- redew steamer  or steam from the shower hit my hair and I have another hairstyle. My hair also gets very tangled and I have to detangle it during each wash day. I love the Ouidad wide tooth comb. The hairstyle I wear the most is the two-strand twist; that may be because that is the style I started wearing first as a natural and it was a favorite as a relaxed girl.

Here are 7 Tips to make your two-strand twist last 14 days:

1. Minimal Manipulation

When taking down your twist be very careful because you do not want to make it frizzy.
Do not comb your hair! Untwist one twist at a time in the opposite direction that you did
The twist. Now go back through and separate the sections again and keep separating
Until your hair had the volume that you want.

2. Wear a satin bonnet or sleep on satin pillowcase

Cotton absorbs the essential oils from your hair and can cause breakage. Silk is the
Fabric of choice but it is expensive. I have slept on a satin pillowcase for at least 10
Years, even when I was relaxed. This is the one I recommend (insert link)

3. Use oil or oil based cream when manipulating or doing the take down

Before you start to take down your twist apply oil to your hands and rub your hands
Together. Now start untwisting the first twist once you are half-way done apply more
Oil. You should re-apply oil to your hands as needed. This is what I recommend (link)

4. Re-twist a single twist that needs it as they need it

As the days go by of your style your hair naturally starts to get frizzy. My hair usually
Gets frizzy first around my edges and at the nape of my neck. The night you notice
The frizz just apply moisture and a little product to that section and re-twist. You
Should only have to re-twist 4 to 8 twist. Take them down the next morning and blend;
And Voila` you are good as new!

5. Protect your hair from the shower with a plastic shower cap

For most styles to last it can not get wet or be exposed to extreme amounts of steam.
Before I get in the shower I make sure my bonnet is secure and I put a snug shower
Cap over that.

6. Wear your hair in a puff a few days during the second week

After about 7 days I have to change up my style to make it last. I usually pull the back
Part of my hair up in a high pony-tail and leave some of the front section out for my big

7. Wear hair in a unibraid or twist the last two days

This last tip is optional if you still need another day or two before you wash your hair.
Just do a flat twist or a braid; here’s how I style mine. Do a big braid or twist on each side of your head and connect them with bobbie pins.

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