Wash Day Routine for Natural Hair

After four-plus years of being natural, I have finally figured out the best wash day routines for my hair. These wash day routines differ depending on the style I want to wear. My go-to styles are the twist out, the puff, the flat twist and just recently the wash and go. The reason I have finally been able to master these styles for my hair type (4b/4c) is that I have been keeping a journal. If you want to know the Planner I use click here.

The Wash
1. Section hair
2. Apply Pre-poo – I recommend Mielle Organics Prepoo
3. Let sit at least 30 mins
4. Apply diluted Shampoo with an applicator bottle – I use this Salon Root Care Dye Bottle
5. Rinse out while hair is still in sections
6. Apply deep conditioner in the shower
7. Let sit for 15 to 30 mins With This heated cap on
8. Rinse with cool water

The twistout Styling (wet hair)
1. Section each section
2. Apply 2 to 3 styling products to each section
3. Twist each section
4. Allow to air dry overnight
5. Untwist
6. For fuller styles pull twist apart two to three times
7. Pick hair out for Volume

The twist out Styling (Dry hair)
1. Section each section
2. Blow Dry each section
3. Steps 2 – 5 from wet styling
4. Do Not Comb

The Puff
1. After the style is 5 to 7 days old
2. Add moisture from shower or steamer
3. Add leave-in and another moisturizer
4. Add gel and edge control around the perimeter
5.Brush with a course brush
6. Add a Snappee – Snap-Off, No Crease Hair Ties (Black) or other hair bands
7. Apply scarf to edges

The Flat-twist (wet or dry)
1. Put hair in 2 big sections, depending on how you want your hair to fall
2. Start applying flat-twist in a downward motion as pictured
3. Steps 4 – 7 of twist out

The Wash and Go

1. Start with really wet hair

2. Section Hair in 6 to 8 sections

3. Section first section and apply leave-in and cream based styler

4. Apply Gel to each section as if applying relaxer

5. Re-wet hair

6. Shake, Shake, Shake

I have a few more styles that I wear but these are my favorites. Over the years I have learned a lot about styling my natural hair. The biggest lessons that I have learned is to keep a log of how I style my hair, what products I use and what works best. Keeping up with this makes wash day a lot easier. I recommend the Natural Hair Wash Day Planner by Plan Your Own Way. I originally created this just for me and then I realized that there had to be millions of women and some men with the same problem.

Please check it out and leave me a comment and review. Until next time … Be Fabulously Natural!

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