Wash and Go On 4c Hair

Over the years since I have been natural,​ I have worn many styles and most of them came out ok after trial and error. My favorite and most worn style has to be the Two Strand Twist Out. I have worn that style since my hair was long enough to twist; about 4 months post​-Big​ Chop. In the beginning, I mainly wore my hair in a tapered afro. Sometimes I miss my short hair. Last year I started keeping a log of the styles I wear and what products I use. The log I use is the Natural Hair Wash Day Planner by Plan Your Own Way. There is one style that gave me so many problems to get right, of course it was the wash and go.

This fall that all changed. I have figured out a technique to bring out my 4c hair curl pattern. Not only did I figure out a great technique but I also figured out how to make the wash and go last more than seven days. Yes,​ you heard correct more than 7 days. I actually did not re-wash my hair until 12 days later. If you keep reading I will give you step by step how I achieved the look at the header. But first I will tell you what not to do.

Do Not
1. Attempt a wash and go on dirty hair
2. Apply a small amount of​ product
3. Think that the technique that worked for someone with type 3 hair will work for you if you have type 4 hair
4. Manipulate the curls before they are completely dry
5. Go to bed without putting your hair in the nighttime routine I suggest

Now that you know what not to do let me give you my steps for you to achieve a perfect wash and go on 4c hair.

The Steps to Wash
1. Section your hair in 6 to 8 sections
2. Apply prepoo – I recommend Mielle Organics
3. Detangle using the ​ouidad comb
4. Twist each section after applying the prepoo leave, in for 20 minutes
5. Apply diluted Shampoo while your hair is still in sections- Fill a bottle ¾ full of warm water then top it off with shampoo – I recommend this water bottle
6. Rinse shampoo with warm water and then apply conditioner
7. Rinse out conditioner and then apply a ​deep conditioner
8. Apply a plastic cap and heated thermal cap let sit for at least 30 minutes
9. Detangle and Rinse in cool Water

The Steps to Style
1. Section one section in two pin one back
2. Apply leave in and comb through
3. Apply ½ tsp or so of cream base styler to that section and comb through with a (detangler)- check me out on IG @nownaturalnicole to see what styler I used
4. Now cup your thumb and index finger and pull the products through that section one hand after the other at least 4 times
5. Now apply  Xtreme Wet-Line Professional Styling Gel as if appling a relaxer then in the same motion as the previous step pull through hair
6. Lastly,​ brush through that section with a denman brush until the desire curl pattern in achieved
7. Repeat until all sections are done; rewet hair as needed
8. Rewet entire head and shake, shake, shake your head side to side hard about 6 times

To see how I achieved this wash and go please go to my IGTV and watch a short video.

The Steps to Dry
1. Make sure hair is in the desire style and sit under hooded dryer for 20 mins
2. Take (clips) 543043307333and lift up the top layer of your hair and sit under the dryer for another 15 minutes
3. Now add the diffuser attachment to your blow dryer put it on warm with medium air force
4. Diffuse until 75% dry
5. Now add the concentrated attachment; hold a section of hair in one hand and stretch it out
6. Aim the blow dryer at that section and move up and down that section on both sides until 90% dry
7. Put your hair in 2 to 3 bands depending on the style you chose and add a satin bonnet

To see how I maintained this style go to my IGTV channel and watch the video. If this helped you, use the hashtag naturalhairstylestrategy and washdayplanner. Thanks for reading please like, follow and subscribe.

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