Natural Hair Product Review

As a natural I love products; some would say I’m a product junkie. I have a whole cabinet and part of a closet full of hair products. Every time a new product comes out and it has good reviews I want to try them. I currently keep track of my wash day product use with my Wash Day Journal by Plan Your Own Way. So today I decided to do a review of a product that I tried recently. The Camille Rose Leave-in Collection.

The Camille Rose Leave-in Collection has 3 products: the honey, the Latte and the define. The Honey Hydrate Leave In has honey, olive fruit oil and castor oil as the first 3 ingredients. The Camille Rose Naturals Latte Define Leave-In Hair Conditioner 9 fl oz has pectin infused water, black cumin seed oil and sunflower seed oil as the first 3 ingredients. The Camille Rose Naturals Herbal Tea Seal & Softening Leave-In Hair Conditioner 9 fl oz, pack of 1 has nettle leaf, sage, and marigold flower as the first 3 ingredients.

The first one the of the three I tried was the honey. It had my hair very moisturized almost too moisturized. I was very excited for the moisture especially since I have high porosity hair. The next day after my hair dryed it still looked good. I was really excited then. I thought to myself… We have a winner, winner chicken dinner. About 3 days later my hair was extremely dry, almost brittle. So then I decided that the honey leave-in was not for me.

The next wash day I decided to try the other two: the latte and the define. I co-washed my hair with Design Essentials avocado cowash instead of using shampoo and I did a deep conditioning treatment, then I styled my hair using the LOC method. The LOC methods means to use a liquid then and oil and last a cream when styling. My liquid was the hydratherma naturals leave-in. My O was the latte from the CR leave-in collection, and my C was the define. After the cream I also added my Ouidad humidity gel. The next day I took my twist down and my hair was shiny and very defined.

So after trying all three I give them a 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason for the four is because the honey had my hair extremely dry after a few days. I would definitely recommend the Latte and the Define from the Camille Rose Leave-in collection.

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