Mini Twist on Natural Hair

As a natural coming up with a go-to style or two for the summer and fall can sometimes be challenging. Living in Mississippi the humidity can kill a Hairstyle quick. As the summer approached I needed to see what the trends were. Some of the options were braids, wigs, weaves and crochet braids with many variations of all of the choices.

If you are like me and you don’t particularly like weave then your choices are narrowed down even farther. As I tried to keep up with my few options I wrote some ideas down in my Wash Day Journal by Plan Your Own Way. The options I originally chose at the beginning of the summer were:
1. A short crochet style
2. A long crochet style
3. Bahama twists
4. Or two wigs

I wore my hair in a wig for about three weeks and I developed a rash from something that I am not sure about. After that I decided to take my braids down and put my hair in mini twists. This was the best decision I could’ve made. I have been natural for almost 5 years and I have never thought about Twists as a protective style. I wore my hair in Twists for7 to 15 days. While it was twisted I moisturized my hair with water, a leave-in and oil every two days. The leave ins and oils I recommend are:

Leave Ins
1. Naturall club Avacado
2. Strands of Faith
3. Hydratherma Naturals
4. Alikay Naturals

1. Naturall club Avacodo
2. Naturall club Castor
3. The Mane Choice Growth Oil

The night before I took them down I partially wet my hair and I added Strands if Faith Twisting Butter and Ouidad Humidity Gel. When I tell you my hair was defined, my hair was DEFINED! If you have type 4 hair this is one way to long healthy natural hair. Check out my Natural Hair Woman Merch here.

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